• RES staff transferring liquids from a vacuum tank for disposal.

    A vacuum services project.

  • An oil tank cleaning project.

    An RES trained work force, experienced in confined space and all types of vessel cleaning, is at work at a customer site.

  • Suiting up for decontamination.

    RES employees have multiple training certification, including being HAZ WOP trained.

RES Environmental Services provides industrial cleaning and environmental management support throughout Northern California with a large client base in Concord, Richmond, Sacramento, San Jose, and Redding.

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We are an environmental services firm with more than 70 combined years of experience in the industrial cleaning and environmental industry. As one of the Northern California's leading environmental consultants, RES delivers environmental consulting with an uncompromising commitment to client service and safety

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Project 1

RES made over 300' linear feet of high-pressure water and abrasive cutting of three lime storage tanks. RES also provided the crane removal of the dismantled tanks. RES removed over 175,000 gals of lime slurry and 450 yards of lime solids from the site. RES packaged and removed all hazardous waste from the site to facilitate the closure of that facility. RES performed the final decontamination of the facility prior to the successful closure of that facility.

  • Project: Hazardous Waste Removal.
  • Location:Sacramento, California.
  • Client:A Major Acetylene Production Plant in Sacramento County.

Project 2

RES dismantled, removed and skidded for transportation a number of packaging/production equipment. This equipment was reused at other sites operated by this customer. RES provided the rigging and heavy equipment operation during this removal.

  • Project: Equipment Clearing.
  • Location:Emeryville, California.
  • Client:A Major Paint Production Plant in Alameda County.

Project 3

RES made over 160' linear feet of high pressure water and abrasive cutting of four lime tanks. RES removed 80 yards of lime solids and over 3500 yards of contaminated soil from the site. RES is presently scheduled to remove an additional 5000 yards and then replace and compact the removed soil. RES did the site assessment, site reporting and sampling plans.

  • Project: High-Pressure Water and Abrasive Cutting, Site Assessment, Sampling, and Site Reporting.
  • Location:San Leandro, California.
  • Client:A Major Acetylene Production Plant in Alameda County.

Project 4

RES currently cleans all of the petroleum storage tanks at this facility. In the process, we removed and disposed of over 500 yards of contaminated soil. RES has performed a large portion of the facility upgrade. We offer prompt roll-off waste container/dumpster services. Our professional drivers will carefully place containers at your job site. Our hook lift system helps ensure proper and safe placement of all containers. Our selection of roll-off waste container sizes means we have the right container for your application.

  • Project: Tank Cleaning, Decontamination.
  • Location:Richmond, California.
  • Client:A Large Petroleum Storage Facility in Contra Costa County.


industrial cleaning of product lines in pittsburg, california

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RES employees are midway through cleaning out product lines at a customer's site in preparation a product line change.

RES fleet of vehicles used for environmental services

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RES' fleet of vehicles is equipped to handle any sort of environmental, hazardous waste, or industrial cleaning project.


Changing into industrial clothing for a decontamination project that involves hazardous waste

Suiting up for a decontamination read more

RES staff are changing into clothing required during a hazardous waste decontamination project. These employees have earned multiple training certification, including being HAZ WOP trained.

Vacuum truck transferring liquids in Pittsburg, CA

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RES staff is midway through the transfer of liquids taken from a customers facility to RES for disposal.

petroleum yank cleaning by hand inside of a petroleum vessel in Contra Costa County

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An RES trained work force, experienced in confined space and all types of vessel cleaning, is at work at at a customer site.

disposing of liquid and solid waste using a vacuum truck

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RES employees transporting and disposing of liquid waste using a vacuum truck.